Robert Kraft, Will You Accept this Rosen?

It’s not shocking that the Cardinals are seeking to replace their first  round draft pick from 2018, Josh Rosen. I mean, if you’re throwing more interceptions than touchdowns (11-14) it’s inevitable.  At the beginning of the 2018 season, the Cardinals owner, Bill Bidwill, made sure that his fans knew that Sam Bradford was still their starting quarterback, after selecting Josh Rosen in the first round of the 2018 draft. Sam Bradford has had to fight off injuries at a pretty consistent rate. These injuries, especially his knee injury during this 2017 season, started to slow down his game during the Cardinals 2018 season. Due to this, the Cardinals decided to start their rookie QB, Josh Rosen, who soon learned that professional football is harder than college football, especially college football on the west coast.  And the result? The Cardinals ended their season 3-13. But hey, they won the first pick of the NFL Draft! Wohoo! But if Sam Bradford is ready to play in the 2019 season, are the Cardinals really in need of another rookie quarterback? As of March 8th, the Cardinals announced the release of Mike Glennon, the Cardinals third-string quarterback. I mean, he only threw 21 passes of which he completed 15 and threw for 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions. Not bad, not bad at all; but not good enough. With this decision – the Cardinals proved that they are not ready to give up on Rosen yet. Let’s remember that the success rate of quarterbacks in their fist season isn’t great, unless of course your name is Peyton Manning, Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, or Cam Newton. It is usual for quarterbacks to have to adjust to an NFL style of playing. So will the Cardinals stick with Josh Rosen and choose to develop him into an NFL style quarterback? Or will they trade him away to be Tom Brady’s backup quarterback in New England and have him throw some passes to Hunter Renfrow. (who we all know is straight bait to be swooped up by the Patriots as a slot receiver.) Jerry Jones knows that the Cardinals are looking at Kyler Murray and licking their lips thinking about how he could change the dynamics of their 2019 season. As of March 5th, the Cardinals reported that they are “shopping Josh Rosen.” Is this because of the Cardinals new hire, Kliff Kingsbury, feels like he would have more success developing a quarterback like Kyler Murray? rather than sticking with their number 1 draft pick from last year?


I have Josh Rosen going being traded to the Patriots for the Patriots first round pick.  I don’t think that the Patriots will choose to invest a lot of money in a backup quarterback during the Brady era. They still want to put of their money on Brady bringing them back one more championship and will use their salary cap to keep Brady surrounded by talent for the time being. Of course, they need a quarterback to take Brady’s place if an injury occurs but it’s not really at the front of their minds right now. I think the Patriots can and would be willing to give up their first round draft pick to the Cardinals for Josh Rosen. They don’t need that pick and they would have a talented backup quarterback who doesn’t require that much investment.

It’s a long shot – sure. But if it happened, I wouldn’t be too surprised. The quarterback quantity in this years draft is down from last year but I think the quality is close to the same if not better  (Kyler Murray, Will Grier, Shea Patterson, and Jarrett Stidham).


So Robert Craft , Will You Accept This Rosen?



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