Robert Kraft, Will You Accept this Rosen?

It’s not shocking that the Cardinals are seeking to replace their first  round draft pick from 2018, Josh Rosen. I mean, if you’re throwing more interceptions than touchdowns (11-14) it’s inevitable.  At the beginning of the 2018 season, the Cardinals owner, Bill Bidwill, made sure that his fans knew that Sam Bradford was still their…

Hold That ‘Tigah’

Wow, a pic of Coach O smiling! Ever since Les Miles was fired from LSU after starting his 2016 season 2-2 with losses to Wisconsin and Auburn, Ed Orgeron has been the ring leader in Louisiana. When LSU announced that Ed Orgeron was stepping in as the interim head coach, I thought to myself that…

Just Another Game

Since the start of the playoffs, no one really cares what bowl you go to if it is not selected as one of the four College Football Playoff games. I mean, honestly, who cares that you won the Gator Bowl in 2016. Bowl games don’t mean anything -unless a win takes you to the natty….

Dixieland Delight

For the past 11 years, the Third Saturday in October has ended in either heartbreak or embarrassment for the Vols. I have to say that whenever I have sat down to watch the Tide play this season, I find myself having to manually close my own mouth because my jaw is always dropping wide open….